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July 10, 2005 - 10:44 p.m.
Books and Stuff

So it's been a while since I've updated. Since then, I have managed to age a year, read a book or three (okay, two and a half, but whatever) and clean the apartment. Sadly, that is about all. There's been the usual working and rehearsing and such, but such things are hardly worth mentioning. I've also started my attempts to get back in shape. I've been doing about five minutes of abs every night, along with thirty-two regular push-ups, and thirty-two reverse push-ups (or whatever they're called). I stretch a bit and have Sam assist me with my resistance stretches for my hamstrings (the right one especially, that I swear is never going to be the same again).

I talked to Isaac today. He and Joey are in New York City. While I'm so bummed out that they're gone, I'm thrilled for them, especially since Isaac sounded the happiest I've heard him in weeks. Joey, who was worried and scared about the whole moving thing, also sounds excited.

I feel like I should have more to say. Nothing too exciting though. Sam and I watched "Super Size Me" last night. Ew. I intend to listen to the guy's book ("Don't Eat This Book"), along with "Fast Food Nation" and maybe "French Women Don't Get Fat" after I finish listening to "I Am Charlotte Simmons." That may be a while, as I am only on disc eight of twenty-five. So far, it's okay. Certainly nothing to right home about. I mainly have an interest in reading/listening to it because I heard people making a big deal about it. Whatever. In real life, I'm reading "Joy in the Morning" by Betty Smith. She's also the author of "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and I'm enjoying her work. Thankfully, "Joy" is one of those books that goes by quickly, even for a slow poke reader such as myself, so I know I'll finish by Harry Potter day. Woohoo!

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