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August 21, 2005 - 12:10 a.m.

First off, I want to mention that I am so incredibly grateful for the well-being of my family right now. On Monday afternoon/evening, Ella (my brother's wife), her siblings, and the kids got in a pretty serious car accident. I don't really know all the details, but I know that due to someone else swerving into them and going too fast, their car ended up flipping several times. I hear the car is a disaster, but through some miracle, no one was seriously hurt. They're all in physical therapy, but there's not so much as a broken bone among them. For this, I am truly thankful. However, I feel the need to take this opportunity to remind people that country-ish roads are dangerous. Don't drive on these roads as you would on a city freeway. Slow down, as it could save a life or twelve.

On a lighter note, last weekend I was up in the family's general vicinity as Sam and I went camping with all of his family. The trip was really fun, if a bit hectic. Kyle is officially taller than me, his voice is beginning to change, and he's getting hints of facial hair. He also started high school on Wednesday. I find this most difficult to grasp. Both the girls are going well, and Ethan (who I've only seen once before) is such an adorable baby. He's four months old now, and from what I could tell, he's a very happy baby.

Also while visiting the family, Sam and I got to visit with the animals. My dad managed to confuse the chickens, which was hilarious. We went out to the coup after dark, so all the chickens were asleep on their perch. My dad shone a big flashlight in there, so we could admire the poultry. One by one, they started to wake up and jump down from the perch. Some of them ventured outside. Sam and I both found it most amusing when the rooster began to crow. And he wouldn't stop. Silly bird couldn't grasp that it wasn't actually morning yet.

I feel like I had so much more to say, but I don't really remember what I was planning to talk about. We had our show on July 29, and it went pretty well. A couple of technical glitches, and pretty small turnout, sadly. However, we did pretty well, so that's good. Speaking of shows, on Wednesday night, Sam and I are going to see Wicked in SF with a bunch of his family. I am SOOO excited!

Today after work, a few of us from the company (CODA), including Kimberly, got together at Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, as one of our dearest, most fabulous dancers is leaving for college in New York this week. She'll definitely be missed.

Also this week, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SAM, who turns another year older on Tuesday.

My eyeball is watering like crazy, so I'm out. I'll be off nursing my Juice Squeeze.

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